Preorder Round 3 of I AM KUROKO Sweatshirt and JAPANESE LUNCHTIME RUSH Tshirt coming very soon….! I’ll be coming home from Taiwan soon so I can update my store! Thanks for being patient!

A message from malphas-akuma
I fell in love with your art (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*


T-Thank you so much!//// I’m so happy you like my art! T0T

i keep missing the hq_69min prompts…

i keep missing the hq_69min prompts…

Matsuoka Rin Protection Squad……..

Matsuoka Rin Protection Squad……..

A message from msoule354
Hello! I was wondering, when you make prints and buttons, typically, what is the size of your canvas? Thanks!


For prints, you would draw at print resolution the size of the print you would want. I usually do tabloid prints and then smaller postcard prints so the dimensions would be 11x17inch and 6x9 inch respectively at 300-350 dpi. For button pin designs, it also depends if you are making 1 inch, 1.5 inch or 2 inch buttons. You can usually find the right templates to use by searching online! I usually would draw my button design slightly larger and scale down to fit the template so I don’t lose detail! A good idea too if you’re doing this is to use the Filter > Sharpen in Photoshop to ensure details aren’t lost! ^ 3 ^ Good luck!

A message from prettydamnkawaii
Thank you for selling the kuroko sweaters at expo I can't get over how cute it is

Ahhh no problem T///T Thanks for stopping by!! 

Hello! ٩(๑ơలơ)۶

I’m currently on vacation visiting relatives in Taiwan! I will be revamping my storenvy next week with leftover merchandise from Anime Expo as well as starting preorders for apparel (I AM KUROKO Sweatshirt, Japanese Lunch Time Rush T-shirts, etc.) and other goodies! Also a shoutout to my table partner, furilatte! If you bought a super cute FREE! and/or Kagepro merchandise from our table at Anime Expo, it was made by her so please send her all your love!  ^ - ^ /  I’m also trying to draw more and post more! I’ve always had a hard time posting frequently because I draw rather slowly but I’m trying to post something everyday even if it’s just a sketch either on here, my instagram or my twitter. Thank you so much for all the new follows, reblogs and favorites! It really means a lot to me! <3

arrest me officer

arrest me officer

I admit I&#8217;m smitten by this new shark boyfriend

I admit I’m smitten by this new shark boyfriend

A message from iseeshineetoys
Wow hi!! I was the butterfly Rei cosplayer that visited your booth multiple times on Saturday. I just wanted to thank you for being so patient with me! I really love your merchandise and so does the friend I bought your police officer Aomine for~~

OMG HELLO!!! You are amazing! AHHH no problem at all! Thank you so much for stopping by! <3 ; D

A message from kyubabes
Hey! On day 4 I bought some stuff from you, I was the Aomine in the Teiko jersey that you took a picture of hehe ^^ Just wanted to say that I really like your art and I look forward to buying more of your stuff in the future c:

AAAAAAAAAAAAA I remember you! You were an AMAZING Teiko!Aomine! Thank you so much for stopping by! ; v; /

A message from tsukishimake1
hey i was the midorima/rei from anime expo who chatted with you a few times! i hope you travel safely, and i hope you had a good con!

Thank you so much! You were my favorite midorima cosplayer! ^ q ^ / I hope you had fun at AX and get home safely too! <3

A message from leopard991
I got my I am Kuroko sweatshirt a while ago. My aunt came in my room with the package. I was so happy I didn't care she threw the package at my face! I'm just greatful and happy! Thank you! Also you're so sugoii and kawaii senpai!!

Oh my god your aunt!!!! Wah you are very welcome! I hope you enjoy wearing it! Thank you!!!! ^/////^

A message from oddlymadx

OMG!! Thank you so much!!! T////T I will be putting all leftovers on my storenvy in a week! I’m so happy you like them so much!

A message from homo-ra
I dont know if youll even see this but my friend bought a knb military print from you today and said that you were low in stock early on in the day. I was wondering if you still had more to sell tomorrow because i reaaallllyyyyy want to buy one

Oh my god I am so sorry I did not see this message earlier!!!! I sold out the second day! A lot of people really wanted to buy it as well and I think I will open preorders on my storenvy after anime expo if people would like to purchase one and was unable to! Thank you so much for your interest!